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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
: that's--well, you've underlined a lot. ok. 'i love america because people accept me for what i am. they don't question my ancestry, my faith'--i just read this by--actually, the--the other day and was quite moved--'my faith, my political beliefs. when i want to move from one place to another, i don't have to ask permission. when i need a needle, i go to the nearest store and get one. i don't have to stand in line for hours to buy a piece of tough, fat meat. even with inflation, i don't have to pay a day's earnings for a small chicken.' c-span: do--was there ever a time, when you read this--these radio broadcasts w--as you were going through your research, where you said, 'this is just off the mark. he missed it on this'? >> guest: i--in what way? c-span: in any way? in other words, he--he--he... >> guest: yeah. oh, sure. that one is a--is a good statement. i think he's contrasting our free system with closed political systems and totalitarian regimes, clearly. and--but--and--and i--and i don't think he missed it; i think he really believed that personal freedom was so important, and i'v
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm EST
time white america should always be able to defeat an enemy coming from a radically different culture, like the indians. c-span: where do you live? >> guest: lancaster, pennsylvania. c-span: what do you do up there? >> guest: actually, i teach at rutgers university in new jersey, so i commute. c-span: can you get in a pretty good fight with somebody who thinks entirely differently than you do about this subject right now? i mean, is there somebody out there that does that's written a book? >> guest: oh, people are writing books all the time. in fact, i belong to the little bighorn associates, a group of people who know everything about the battle and about custer and who have a national conference once a year to talk about all of these issues. and one of the things that's appealing about custer is that he does generate so much interest so long after his death. he was, in many ways, an exceptional person and a compelling personality who still, i think, can fascinate people today. c-span: are there people that think you're just totally off the base on this racism thing? >> guest: probab
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2